Last February I was hired to photograph a friend's wedding. Months later, I got a mysterious text from an Isaac asking if I do video. After figuring out that he was the best man at the wedding, I responded sure! Why not, I can do video.

That was the start of a few music videos I made for Isaac and Billy, or PonyBoi and LoKey. Together, they are the rap duo Bocce Boys.

In late August, we snuck into an abandoned mental institution in Westborough, MA. This was an abandoned complex of buildings, rotting from the inside out, connected with an underground network of tunnels. In other words, the perfect spot to shoot a music video.

To add an element of danger (on top of weak falling apart floors), there was a security guard patrolling the area that we needed to avoid while simultaneously getting the footage. It was a game of cat-and-mouse while exploring a cool area, with breaks for hip hop thrown in. Here's the final product:

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